Driving Sales, ​Partnerships & M&A in science and tech

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Startup Europe India Network (SEINET) was founded in 2016, is an invite-only platform for industry and product leaders and scaleup companies in science and tech to efficiently scale sales, partnerships and M&A.

JOIN the SEINET B2B Platform

SEINET offers an exclusive B2B online platform, selectively connecting ​innovative scaleup enterprises in the EU-UK and India with pivotal ​opportunities within the innovation landscape.

SEINET’s B2B platform serves as a nexus for pertinent decision-makers, ​facilitating seamless strategic alliances between scaleup ventures and ​corporate entities, as well as investment firms seeking to engage with ​innovation, conduct pilot programs, source innovation or establish ​collaborative sales partnerships.

SEINET also collaborates with seasoned professionals specialized in ​product sales, marketing, and management, empowering scaleup ​enterprises to access top-tier talent essential for navigating and ​expanding within new markets.

Through our curated network and tailored services, we catalyze growth ​and facilitate mutually beneficial connections within the global business ​ecosystem.

SEINET is dedicated to fostering advancements in science and technology, with a strategic emphasis on high-potential sectors such as deep tech, artificial intelligence, B2B SaaS, space tech, energy and sustainability.

Co​nsulting Services

With extensive international and diverse experience in innovation scaling and venture capital investing, we leverage our expertise and network to offer bespoke consulting services tailored to the needs of scaleups, corporates, family offices and investment firms.

We provide strategic and market consulting and facilitating sales, partnerships, M&As, innovation and investment sourcing, and talent acquisition.

Our team has cultivated strategic partnerships with leading technology and investment entities.

Talent center in India and Europe

Talent Center in India: Planning to establish a comprehensive talent center in India or Europe? From inception to execution, count on us to materialize your vision and provide expert support.

Recruitment Services

We offer specialized and confidential recruitment services.

We cater to scaleups, corporates and VC/PE firms needs executive and GTM/Tech talent requirements.

Executive Talent: We source top-tier board, management, sales, and product talent, confidentially when required. We partner with Pinegray Executive Search and have placed candidates for leading VC/PE firms, portfolio companies, corporates and scaleup companies.

GTM and Tech Talent: As experienced company builders, we understand the importance of assembling skilled GTM and technical teams. We deliver for both remote and on-site talent requirements.

Partners and Collaborators